Soothing Cream - NOW AVAILABLE

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GREAT NEWS!! One Kilo Refill of
Our Soothing Cream is NOW AVAILABLE!!
Our Soothing Cream has been formulated with Natural and Certified Organic ingredients, ideal for soothing and revitalising the appearance of skin. Suitable for all skin types, eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash, and all sorts of skin irritations like chafing, cold sores, pimples, cuts, bites and more!

Scent: Unscented - Slight Earthy scent from the combination of the ingredients

Size: 100g and 1kg Refill
Benefits: Provides relief : Eczema - Psoriasis - Nappy Rash - Cold sores - Perioral Dermatitis - Angular Cheilitis - Rosacea

Other Attributes: All purpose Healing cream, Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free - Zinc Free

Shelf Life 24 months


Hi. I just wanted you say a big thank you for your soothing cream. I purchased some at ag quip. I suffer from dermatitis on my face and I’m blown away by how amazing my face looks. I am so so grateful and happy to be able to leave the house with out being embarrassed by the rash covering my face. Thank you so much. I’ve jusg purchased two more jars and I can see this soothing cream being my life long skin cream.
T. Standing - Gilgandra NSW

Australian Made


Image of Soothing Cream - NOW AVAILABLE Image of Soothing Cream - NOW AVAILABLE Image of Soothing Cream - NOW AVAILABLE