Body & Bath Powder

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Super fine powder that is FREE from Talc and 100% NATURAL.
Our Body & Bath Powder is a healthy alternative to commercial powders that are packed with TALCUM known to be harmful for our health.This powder is non volatile, which means it does not disperse in the air unlike Talc does breathing it into your lungs!
It is so soft and absorbent that it helps keep moisture from undesired areas.
It is safe to use everywhere on your body, such as underarms, body creases, under breasts, nappy area for children, to keep your shoes fresh, you can use it as a bath powder making skin feel more supple or even as a Dry Shampoo to take away oiliness from hair.
An all rounder powder which ever way you prefer to use it!

Uses: Dry Shampoo - Body powder - Bath Powder

Size: 200g

Ingredients: 100% natural Maize Starch, Kaolin & Tapioca

Limited edition:
Milk Bath Power Ingredients: same as above + dried herbs and dried flowers + Himalayan rock salts and Epsom Salts
(Vegan - does not contain milk)

Shelf Life: 24 months +

Australian Made